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Dj Psyphoria is the concept of Australian artist Don de Valle.

Having attended Psychedelic events since around 8 years old he has been consumed by its cosmic power since the mid 90's.

As he grew up he was mesmerized by DJ's of the world and there ability to make people move like they where possessed.
In 2005 he got his first set of CDJ so he could dive into the world of mixing. Without the distraction of not owning gear. From the start his idea was to try and look at mixing the Psychedelic to a different perspective.

And then not long after he created Psychedelic Euphoria or shortened down Psyphoria.
Don's approach involved innovating technique from other styles to perform Long layered mashes of the tracks being arranged for Optimized Power, feel and rush.

In recent times he has moved to Digital hybrid mixing as his love for technological advancements pointed him towards showcasing his techniques in a differnt manner which opened the door for some more unique track blending.

DJ Psyphoria has been herd by fans all over the globe and been seen live at underground events in Australia and Europe, Don had the Privilage of hosting Australia's premier psychedelic radio program Bitz Of Buzzz, from dance music station Radio Metro in 2006-8.

In 2011 he was also the first Psychedelic DJ specialist to be awarded Pioneer DJ mix of the month.

With many years hard work, and growing in the scene worldwide in 2013 Dj Psyphoria was accepted as an Official label artist of the highly reputable and acclaimed Fractal Records, A label with some of his own personal favorite acts.

One things for sure, Dj Psyphoria is an act you want to keep an eye out for in the future.